What we do

Our goals

1. Vibrant remote and rural communities.

2. Species rich, ecologically stable landscapes.

3. Long-term, economically, socially and economically sustainable wilderness economies.

Forever Wild is working to create vast Shared Earth Reserves that will protect hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of wilderness - its ancient and contemporary cultures, its wildlife and its profound importance to human society. Our programs are designed to build wide-ranging social and political support, to ensure these landscapes remain protected thousands of years from now.

Why we do it

The Earth’s last remaining wildernesses are being eroded at a staggering rate. The ancient and contemporary cultural markers are being wiped away, as are thousands of species, and diverse economic and social opportunities. And so is the possibility for children generations from now to dream of adventure in wild and untamed lands, to support their well-being, and simply to enable them to gaze in wonder at the night sky.

Where we work

Australia is one of the few countries with large tracts of true wilderness remaining. it is is among the top five countries for endemic plants, birds and amphibians, it has the oldest continuous cultures on Earth and offers people from around the planet the possibility of experiencing wilderness in safely.

How we do it

Forever Wild is dedicated to the private purchase or effective co-management and perpetual preservation of large area wilderness landscapes. These are our Shared Earth Reserves.

Our work is guided by robust operating principles, science and key metrics around conservation and human wellbeing. Our wilderness areas are framed around continuous positive connections between natural landscapes and humanity, including wildlife and wild experiences, culture & arts, well-being & health and economies. All our programs are for the long-term and ongoing benefit of wildlife and people. In each landscape we bring in Community Wellbeing Working Groups to ensure local relevance.

We also work with partners to positively influence government policy around the Earth's last wild places.

Forever Wild offers a legacy where human beings a thousand years from now will still be able to stand and gaze at the last wildernesses on Earth, and where the diverse evolutionary history and future in these landscapes will continue.


Shared Earth Reserves

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Wildlife & Evolution


Wilderness Economies

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