Western Desert SER

The deserts of western & central Australia are vast and beautiful landscapes that remain as some of the planet's most incredible wilderness. Red sands contract starkly with white eucalypts, and species yet unsubscribed scurry through the spinifex grasslands. The central deserts also maintain some of the most intact of Aboriginal cultures, harbour the secrets of Australian explorers and offer unique, non-destructive economic experiences for the people who visit them. However, these wild landscapes are under significant threat from short-term exploitation. With genetic modification of livestock and feed plants to enable them to survive desert conditions, along with new remote water management technology, these last bastions of true isolation are being increasingly turned over to industrial agriculture.

The Forever Wild team is currently assessing this region with the view of creating one of the world's largest wilderness reserves, where our social, ecological and economic programs will ensure their survival for generations to come. Please contact us for more information.

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