77% of Earth's wilderness, and many of the societal values it contained, is gone forever.

View some of our spectacular images and video showcasing Forever Wild's landscapes, cultures, communities and livelihoods.

WORKING WITH OUR COMMUNITIES AND BROADER SOCIETIES. To succeed in addressing some of the planet's greatest challenges, communities and nature must work together. We co-design large-scale Nature-Based Solutions with local communities, to ensure social and ecological equity in how land is used.

Forever Wild is an initiative like no other - we directly support the needs of human communities in vast natural landscapes, working with a diverse range of partners to support healthy societies. From a core charity we create diverse profit-for-purpose enterprises to enable large-scale finance to be deployed for nature, and for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLCs).

We know we can produce food, underpin livelihoods and support communities while protecting wilderness landscapes.

Despite hundreds of millions of dollars spent on conservation, species are still blinking out and our climate is changing. We need to work at scale, and reset our relationship with our planet. Wilderness landscapes must be at least 10,000 km².