Global Council of Advisers

Global Advisers

Bronwyn Price

Australian and Worldwide Donations

A Fellow of Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand, Bronwyn has over 30 year’s experience in the accounting profession. She is passionate about helping local small business and not for profit groups grow and thrive, specialising in structuring, strategy and asset protection. An avid hiker, Bronwyn is excited about seeing unspoilt natural habitats around the world and helping to protect them for generations to come.

Neil MacLeod

Wilderness Economics, Conservation Agriculture & Pastoralism

Neil is presently the Principal of Karingal Systems a private consultancy service that is focussed on farming systems research projects covering the grazing lands of northern Australia and smallholder farming systems in Africa and Asia. He was formerly a Principal Research Scientist with the CSIRO acting both as a researcher and project leader for many multidisciplinary R,D & E projects covering animal production and grazing management, farm business economics, investment analysis, natural resource valuation, conservation biology and landscape ecology. He has also worked with projects aimed at improving the productivity of smallholder farming systems in South Africa, Zimbabwe, India and Indonesia. He was formerly an Associate Editor for Tropical Grasslands and the Rangeland Journal.

Our Storytellers

Geoff Spanner

Film & Documentary Maker

Geoff Spanner is a film-maker with a particular interest in the desert wilderness of Central Australia, where some of the planet’s last remaining truly wild river systems exist. He is fascinated by the story of these landscapes, a story that stretches far back into a distant time. But Geoff has also developed deep respect for the rich and unique cultures of the Australian deserts, and the communities and the individuals who live in this wilderness, one of the harshest and most remote landscapes on Earth. His storytelling captures a snapshot of the remarkable beauty that still exists in Central Australia, and his films support the push for a wilderness reserve in the Australian deserts – a reserve that can have a meaningful impact on the fragile ecology, the incredible living cultures and history, and to the communities, families and individuals of this unique place. Geoff's is a strong supporter of Forever Wild and is using his latest film to promote the urgent need to protect Australia's central deserts.

Local Community Advisory Council - Tropical Wetlands Reserve

Tim Nevard

Founder, Mareeba Wetlands & Tropical Savanna Reserve

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Gwyneth Nevard

Founder, Mareeba Wetland and Tropical Savanna Reserve

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