Landscapes / Regions

Virginia Young

Director of the International Forests and Climate Program, ARCS

Virginia is currently Director of the International Forests and Climate Program for the Australian Rainforest Conservation Society (ARCS), contributing to the international policy component of a global research program on primary forests lead by Griffith University in Australia. Building understanding about the linkages between the Climate and Biodiversity Crises and the urgent need to tackle both crises together is a feature of her work.

She is Chair of Gondwanalink Ltd, and a member of the Board of the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative - organisations that provide leadership for two of the world’s foremost ecological connectivity protection and restoration initiatives - in the south of Western Australia and along the eastern seaboard of Australia, respectively. Read More

John Burton

Global landscapes & biodiversity, Anthropology, sustainable agriculture, impact investments

22nd May 2022. In memory of John Burton. A remarkable man who dedicated his life to our planet.

We will miss you.

Alberto Yanosky

Global landscapes & biodiversity, Anthropology, sustainable agriculture, impact investments

Dr. Alberto Yanosky is one of South America's leading experts in the protection of biological diversity, and in efforts to support sustainable livelihoods and economic activity while protecting intact wilderness. He has led internationally recognized efforts on supporting farmers to produce truly sustainable beef that breaks the link with deforestation. Alberto is a key adviser to Forever Wild and Forever Wild (Europe) on the development of large-scale investment into Forever Wild's integrated landscape model in the region. He is the current Honorary Chair for BirdLife International for the Americas and Chair of the IUCN Paraguayan Committee. Alberto also consults to the World Bank, UNDP and Food & Agriculture Organisation. Read More


Neil MacLeod

Wilderness Economics, Restoration Agriculture & Pastoralism

Neil is presently the Principal of Karingal Systems, a private consultancy service that is focussed on farming systems research projects covering the grazing lands of northern Australia and smallholder farming systems in Africa and Asia.For over 25 years Neil was a Principal Research Scientist with the CSIRO acting both as a researcher and project leader for many multidisciplinary R,D & E projects covering animal production and grazing management, farm business economics, investment analysis, natural resource valuation, conservation biology and landscape ecology. He has also worked with projects aimed at improving the productivity of smallholder farming systems in South Africa, Zimbabwe, India and Indonesia. He was formerly an Associate Editor for Tropical Grasslands and the Rangeland Journal.

Global Biodiversity

Charles 'Chip' Barber

Senior Global Biodiversity Adviser, World Resources Institute

Charles “Chip” Barber is a global leader in the protection of the Earth’s remaining intact forests, and in social safeguard policies. He served as Forest Chief in the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs. He led U.S. diplomacy on forest policy, working with numerous governments and intergovernmental agencies and processes. Chip was instrumental in developing debt-for-nature swap deals worth over $100 million for Brazil, Costa Rica, Indonesia, and the Philippines. In 2013, Chip negotiated a U.S.-Indonesia MOU on Wildlife Conservation and Combating Wildlife Trafficking, which was signed by Secretary of State John Kerry and the Indonesian Minister of Forestry in February 2014. In 2012, Chip chaired the Asia Forest Partnership, and since 2013-2015 supervised the U.S. term as chair of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership. Read More


Tobias Baumgaertner

Film & Documentary Maker

Tobias Baumgaertner is a multi-award winning videographer who maintains a deep interest in the natural world, the idea of wilderness and the human societies that still survive in the Earth’s wild places. Tobias has produced some outstanding images and video for Forever Wild, including for our first reserve. He works to capture the incredible scale of the planet’s remaining wildernesses, from the miniscule beauty of tiny flowers and invertebrates all the way to the spectacular star-scapes that still convey the camp-fire stories of many human societies. Tobias has worked with Australia’s Indigenous peoples and has spent long weeks in remote areas of Outback Australia. He has traveled extensively worldwide.


Fiachra Kearney



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Neil MacLeod

Bio-economic Modeler / Agricultural Economist

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Karen Allan

Senior Communications and Corporate Partnerships Specialist


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Michael Hinchcliffe

National Programs Manager

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Bev Vandine

Finance & Admin Manager

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