We create Community & Nature & Community Based Solutions to the climate and biodiversity crises. Through investment and philanthropic funds, we acquire, or co-manage, vast Shared Earth Landscapes. We create unique and innovative partnerships, protect nature and drive innovation in non-destructive economic activity.

1. The Human Spirit

In order to last 1000 years or more, a landscape must have broad, strong social and political support. Leveraging the immense natural capital of our Shared Earth Landscapes, this program focuses on the communities around our landscapes, and the broader society.
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2. Wildlife & Evolution

If we do not protect large areas, we cannot protect the future of the species that call them home. Our land and species management programs cover our Shared Earth Landscapes, and the evolutionary potential of the species that call them home.
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3. Wilderness Economies

Creating diverse, low-impact economic revenues and jobs from our Shared Earth Landscapes is essential for community health, and future funding. These activities must be non-detrimental to The Human Spirit and Wildlife & Evolution programs to qualify for consideration. This is a highly innovative program that helps shape a non-destructive economic relationship between people and our Shared Earth Landscapes.
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