The Forever Wild initiative actively supports a balance between people's livelihoods and ecological wilderness values. We are generating investment in ecologically and socially non-detrimental economic activities on our reserves, including low-impact tourism and conservation agriculture.

Please contact us to learn about our impact investment opportunities, and how we increase the value of philanthropy by leveraging it against investment.

Wilderness & Conservation Agriculture

Conservation agriculture is where food production practices actively contribute to the applied protection of species and ecosystems. The principles of conservation agriculture use the ecological dynamics of an ecosystem and are particularly suited to low density livestock. This form of agriculture precludes any type of industrial practice and offers a way to produce some of the planet's most sustainable food for generations into the future. All agriculture on our Shared Earth Reserves is underpinned by an extensive body of scientific research and local community knowledge. The agricultural partners on our Shared Earth Reserves are among the most progressive and sustainable farmers on Earth and are deeply and personally invested in the land and new food production practices.

Wilderness experiences / tourism

We engage with specialist tourism partners, local Indigenous and non-indigenous people to support them to develop immersive wilderness experiences. In turn the experiences of visitors fit into Forever Wild’s core Human Spirit program to reconnect people to the natural world. The economic benefits of these activities can be significant, generating goods and services, jobs, alternative and adjunct livelihood options for people in remote areas.

Tourism experiences can vary widely, from simply star gazing, ultra-low impact camping, photography, historical tours, hunting and fishing, spiritual wellbeing and understanding the calls, signs and other intricate secrets of the wilderness.

Wild Nature Escapes and Wild Nature Lodge is part of the Forever Wild Group, operating alongside a wholly-Indigenous owned company Bana Bubu (Place of Water).


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