Wilderness Economies

Forever Wild actively supports a balance between people's livelihoods and ecological wilderness values. We achieve this through enabling job creation for non-detrimental industries, direct management partnerships and working to remove government policies that encourage industrial-scale economic exploitation.

Wilderness experiences

We engage with specialist partners, local Indigenous and non-indigenous people to develop immersive wilderness experiences. In turn, these experiences fit into Forever Wild’s core Human Spirit program to reconnect people to the natural world. The economic benefits of these activities can be significant, generating goods and services, jobs, alternative and adjunct livelihood options for people in remote areas.

Our experiences can vary widely, from simply star gazing, ultra-low impact camping, photography, hunting and fishing, or understanding the calls, signs and other intricate secrets of the wilderness.

Wilderness & Farming

Forever Wild does not support industrial agriculture. We do support low impact food production on suitable areas of our Shared Earth Reserves, and we work directly with the many farmers in isolated parts of Australia who want to nurture the incredible natural values on their lands. There are many large properties (called stations) in the vast north that still retain intact and remarkable wild places that are important to the whole of humanity, Some of these magnificent stations are home to species found nowhere else, and given their immense carbon storage are critical for the well-being of this planet.