Forever Wild will work to protect Earth’s last great wildernesses for societal well-being, for biological diversity and its evolutionary potential, for our cultural record and economic values; places where we allow ourselves to be inspired!

What is Wilderness?

A natural landscape larger than 10,000km square with limited impact from modern technology. A part of this Earth where people often live, but where they do not destroy the natural systems or co-existing values.

What is Forever Wild?

An Australian based charity launched in 2018, Forever Wild has a bold vision spanning centuries yet to come, for nature and human society. We envision a world in which there will always be vast and wild places, rich in biological diversity and human culture. Forever Wild is truly unique and is building innovative partnerships worldwide to create vast Shared Earth Reserves that are ecologically, politically and socially sustainable.

"Only by linking the natural and human values of the remaining wilderness on our planet will we have any chance of protecting these remarkable landscapes and ensuring they play a key role in human well-being a thousand years from now". Fiachra Kearney, CEO.

Our reserves can represent so many things to so many people - whether it is cultural, historical, to connect with wildlife, to run low-impact agriculture or to build a livelihood from wilderness tourism. Our reserves are where human ancestors met; they are places to keep alive traditional knowledge; they are places that simply enable people to gaze at the vast night sky. Our goal is allow people to identify with our reserves in ways that are meaningful to them. Ultimately these landscapes will be the most valued wild spaces on Earth.

Creating one of Earth's largest legacies for future generations

Support Forever Wild now through direct giving, engage with our programmes, or experience our incredible reserves with one our carefully selected partners. Act now with us, because once the Earth's last wild landscapes are gone, they are gone forever.


Shared Earth Reserves

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Human Spirit

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Wildlife and Evolution

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Wilderness Economies

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