Vast landscapes and diverse societies: the protection of the world's last wild landscapes for society and nature

A Shared Earth Landscape (SEL) is an ecologically intact landscape at least 10,000 square kilometers in area, integrating the needs of nature and people. Underpinned by investment and philanthropy, our SELs are where we pull all our programs together - The Human Spirit, Wildlife & Evolution, Wilderness Economies. We acquire or co-manage large areas of the Earth's wilderness and co-design our work with local communities to protect these places for future generations, for societal well-being and the long-term conservation of biodiversity. We also incorporate future food security - ultra low-impact conservation agriculture is an important component of our Shared Earth Landscapes.

The planet needs traditional protected areas and parks, but they will never be large enough. They will always be islands in an ocean of ecologically destructive activity. Our model specifically gears landscapes for protection over generations, with very broad social and political support for what we do. These landscapes are our legacy and the legacy of all who join us.