We co-design the Human Spirit program with communities, based on their needs. This ensures our Shared Earth Landscapes are positive contributors to these communities.

People who visit our landscapes interact with some of the most beautiful and humbling landscapes and starscapes on the planet, and the diverse cultures of the people who call these wildernesses home. Our arts, cultural preservation and community activities on our reserves all support human well-being, protect thousands of years of culture and build connections that will help to conserve the landscapes for generations to come.

Cultural Stewardship

Our Shared Earth Reserves are home to thousands of years of history, and fascinating ancient and contemporary cultural markers. We believe it important for future generations to stand where others walked in order to truly understand where we came from. We work closely with all people, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, to figure out how best to collectively protect and communicate our shared histories.


We work with specialist partners to make our reserves accessible to people in need of emotional and other support, and we facilitate visits for disadvantaged members of our communities from all walks of life who may otherwise never have the chance to see and interact with wild places.

Wilderness experiences

As part of our Human Spirit program there are opportunities for immersive, ultra-low impact experiences deep on our reserves. All these activities are run with selected tour operators, many of whom bring new jobs, ideas and opportunities to the local communities. Visit one of our Social enterprises, called Wild Nature Lodge, run by Wild Nature Escapes Pty Ltd.

Wilderness Arts

With local communities, Forever Wild runs unique events in specific locations across our Shared Earth program, linking human creativity with the wildernesses that gave rise to our remarkable abilities. These events are designed to reflect the beauty of the wild places and cultures of our reserves, are very low key and low impact.