The Human Spirit

Wilderness & The Human Spirit

SUPPORTING VIBRANT REMOTE COMMUNITIES. Everything we have, and are, as human beings comes from our planet. In Australia, human beings have been a part of wilderness for 60,000 years. On our Shared Earth Reserves (SERs), they still are, and we still meet all our conservation goals. On our SERs people interact in a low-impact way with some of the most beautiful and humbling landscapes and starscapes on the planet. Our arts, cultural preservation and community activities on our reserves all support human well-being, protect thousands of years of culture and build connections that will help to conserve the landscapes for generations to come.

Cultural Stewardship

Our Shared Earth Reserves are home to thousands of years of history, and fascinating ancient and contemporary cultural markers. We believe it important for future generations to stand where others walked to truly understand where we came from. Our community programs enable people to interact with that history.

We are currently working with local Indigenous communities to get elders and youth back on country to sites of cultural significance.


We work with specialist partners to make our reserves accessible to people in need of emotional and other support, and we facilitate visits for disadvantaged members of our communities from all walks of life who may otherwise never have the chance to see and interact with wild places.

Forever Wild is truly unique in how we manage landscapes, and in building connections between wilderness and society. You can donate to these specific activities if you wish. All donations allow for program specific funding to be requested.

Wilderness experiences

As part of our Human Spirit program there are opportunities for immersive, ultra-low impact experiences deep on our reserves. We term these activities our Silent Touch experiences. Importantly these activities assist us to generate funds, but also to bring life-changing experiences to people. Our specialist partners also hire local people and generate jobs directly associated with wilderness, and they donate funds, time and other resources to support our cultural and community programs.

Wilderness Arts

Forever Wild runs unique events in specific locations on our Shared Earth Reserves, linking human creativity with the wilderness that gave rise to our remarkable abilities. These events are designed to reflect the beauty of the wild places and cultures of our reserves, are very low key and low impact.

We hold free community concerts at our Tropical Wetlands SER, and link with the local Rotary group to ensure transport is available for disadvantaged members of this outback community - we aim to give everyone the chance to experience wild places as never before.