We recognize that despite our best efforts to protect the Earth’s last wildernesses, human beings have instigated change even where no human has set foot. Invasive species, wildlife disease and disruption to fundamental ecological processes all take their toll on the integrity of wilderness.

Each Forever Wild reserve has whole of landscape management for wildlife communities, including the control of invasive species and fire management. Hand-in-hand with our in-situ reserve management activities, Forever Wild runs a dedicated Wildlife Health and Rehabilitation Centre for keystone ecological and threatened species. This is a major part of our program with our partner Oceans to Earth Volunteers.

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Ecological management

Forever Wild actively manages our reserves to maintain the integrity of their ecological function including:

  • Fire management and burning based on traditional and contemporary knowledge
  • Control of invasive species using a diversity of management tool, including pastoralism for introduced grasses
  • Feral vertebrate control particularly for feral pigs, cats and other species that cause serious damage
  • We run applied species programs for threatened and sensitive species, and will mount survey and exploration projects in our landscapes where we lack data