Cape York SER

Located in northern Australia, Cape York is a global biodiversity and cultural hotspot. With vast savannahs, rainforest, floodplains and escarpments, and fascinating Indigenous and contemporary history, the Cape is recognised as one of the Earth’s last wilderness areas. Every year people arrive from across the Earth to experience this wilderness. We are currently working to assess Cape York locations with a view to creating a primary reserve for Forever Wild. The Cape contains spectacular biodiversity, remarkable and intact cultures & history and wild rivers. However it is increasingly becoming a focal point for industrial agriculture, with tens of thousands of hectares of ancient woodlands cleared by bulldozers linked with massive chains. With these destructive, short-term activities all the wilderness values are also cleared – the cultural markers, the evolutionary history and potential of the landscapes and any possibility to create lasting economic options for the wilderness communities.

Away from the industrial agriculture, there are vast landscapes where no human sounds or lights intrude, where the patterns of life continue as they have done for millions of years before.The Cape is also holds massive stores of carbon across its vast grasslands and treescapes.

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