Wilderness Economies News

May 19, 2020

Building investment pathways

In May 2020 we welcomed John McDonald to our Board as our Europe Director. John will help the Board assess investment pathways specifically to scale up our work. Forever Wild has a mandate and we do not intend to sit back and hope it happens – we intend to make it so. Also in this update some stunning photos of Western Australian wildneress landscapes, where we will shortly begin building the world’s first large Shared Earth Reserve. https://mailchi.mp/foreverwild/making-it-happen-in-4351049
February 5, 2020

Our latest e-update

Making it happen in 2020! We have spent 18 months finalising all the paperwork for Forever Wild and testing the blended landscape / community model that we run. Now it is time to scale up, and 2020 will be focused on putting everything in place to achieve that. See our latest e-update here: https://mailchi.mp/foreverwild/making-it-happen-in-2020
September 18, 2018

Grazing – a family affair

Grazier Mick and family recently moved a small mob of cattle onto sections of the Tropical Wetlands reserve. Grazing on this reserve will be used as a management tool to control a range of invasive African grasses. Many years ago these grasses were introduced to Australia for pastoralism, and have created serious weed problems in many places. One of the biggest challenges is the heat that these grasses produce when burned, but they also crowd out many native understory species. Low-level grazing will remove a lot of the biomass of these weeds. Apart from weed and fire management, the grazing is part of our Wilderness economies program, providing local economic input and […]
July 17, 2018

Our first strategic economic partner

We welcome local businessman Mark Fraenkle as our first economic strategic partner. Mark, who has many years operating high-end tourism ventures, will be developing specialised, immersive ecological and cultural experiences on our Tropical Wetlands reserve. These 2-3 day tours will include using the reserve as a Dark Sky location for observing the night sky, in-depth ecological and cultural experiences. The experiences will be ultra-low impact in nature, with the specific aim of creating deep connections between visitors and the landscape. Tours will be a mix of camping and overnight at the 3 secluded safari tents on the reserve. Importantly, Mark is a local with local employees, thus generating much needed input stemming […]