Wilderness Landscape News

May 19, 2020

Building investment pathways

In May 2020 we welcomed John McDonald to our Board as our Europe Director. John will help the Board assess investment pathways specifically to scale up our work. Forever Wild has a mandate and we do not intend to sit back and hope it happens – we intend to make it so. Also in this update some stunning photos of Western Australian wildneress landscapes, where we will shortly begin building the world’s first large Shared Earth Reserve. https://mailchi.mp/foreverwild/making-it-happen-in-4351049
February 5, 2020

Our latest e-update

Making it happen in 2020! We have spent 18 months finalising all the paperwork for Forever Wild and testing the blended landscape / community model that we run. Now it is time to scale up, and 2020 will be focused on putting everything in place to achieve that. See our latest e-update here: https://mailchi.mp/foreverwild/making-it-happen-in-2020
May 6, 2019

January 2019: our first E-update now available online!

Click below to read the full issue. To keep up-to-date on how Forever Wild is changing the way we protect our planet and our communities, please subscribe to our E-updates. In this issue: Our Tropical Wetlands Shared Earth Reserve A partnership with the IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands The Human Spirit Program Wilderness Economies E-update
February 11, 2019

Managing a tropical reserve in a monsoon

While living and working in the bush is definitely where our staff want to be, it is not without its challenges. There is a lot that goes into each day – this vehicle got well and truly bogged while out planning for a women’s day on the Tropical Wetlands Reserve. Everyone simply laughed, took off their shoes and walked out to where they had left another vehicle. It took 2 hours to extract the vehicle later that day.
January 23, 2019

Forever Wild partners with the IUCN Netherlands

Forever Wild has gained the support of the IUCN National Committee of The Netherlands to build Forever Wild’s concepts and reach across Australia’s wilderness areas. We are also looking to work together in other critically important wilderness areas of our planet including Africa and Latin America. The IUCN National Committee of The Netherlands brings extensive networks and diverse experience working with landscapes and society, so is a natural fit for our programs. Together our organisations are planning some of the most ambitious and innovative ideas around wilderness conservation and societal well-being that currently exist. Of most importance however is the understanding by both organisations that the concept of co-design is essential, where […]
September 18, 2018

Our new reserve caretakers

We are Geoff and Rosemarie. One of us is a wildlife video production person. The other is a keen outdoors woman. We have always had a passion for wildlife and nature. Being in close proximity to wildlife and seeing them at their best, means conservation becomes a lot more personal. Volunteering for organisations like Forever Wild is payback for the debt of enjoying those astounding experiences. We believe that unless the special places and wild species are protected, actively looked after and, where necessary, rewilded, Australia will lose its special creatures and places. We will become like just so many other places where wild nature is becoming a memory that almost doesn’t […]
September 3, 2018

Late dry season on the Tropical Wetlands

Dry, hot days; brittle grass; leaves crunching underfoot; black cockatoos coming to roost; groves of broad-leaved paperbarks in flower. The paperwasps around the in the photo were flying in and out at a furious pace. It is the Late dry on the Tropical Wetlands reserve in North Queensland, a time of tough conditions for many of the wild residents. Fire is constantly on the minds of the rangers, but hopefully the wasp nest would be high enough above any flames to survive. Apart from enjoying the wildlife we have been busy with two main tasks: pulling together all the historical documents that were collected over the years and beginning the process of […]
July 17, 2018

Photographer Tobias Baumgaertner visits our Tropical Wetlands reserve

Forever Wild is working with German photographer Tobias Baumgaertner to capture stunning images of our reserves, and to create a visual interpretation of the Forever Wild concept. Tobias is an exceptional photographer with a passion for wilderness, Indigenous culture and biodiversity. He bring specialities in time lapse, macro and landscape imagery. Photographs by Tobias will be used on our website, but some will also be available for sale and all proceeds will go to Forever Wild.