The northern savannas of Australia extend thousands of kilometers from the north-east coast, past the Gulf of Carpentaria and onto the Kimberly region of Western Australia. These rich landscapes have an astonishing diversity of species, natural beauty, cultures and economic values. The tree-scapes that stretch to the horizon, combined with some of the last truly wild river systems on Earth, have immense value to humanity as wild but accessible places. The cultural heritage is rich, ranging from ancient Indigenous cultures to the remnants of the gold rushes of more recent times. Carbon storage in these landscapes is immense.

Sadly, species are disappearing from these northern Australian savannas, and the race is on to convert them to industrial agriculture. Plans for damming rivers, clearing tens of thousands of hectares of woodland for cropping, combined with high intensity grazing, threatens to destroy millions of years of evolution, wipe away our cultural records and remove long-term options to preserve and manage these landscapes. The protected areas are too small to offer long-term solutions. Forever Wild is seeking urgent support to build a large-scale reserve in the Gulf Savannas of Australia, and implement sophisticated and socially embedded programs that will ensure the protection of these wilderness areas for generations to come.

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